A look at Australian casino reviews

Avoid misleading Australian online casino reviews

We all agree that the Internet is the best place to learn about a particular product. Generally, software companies publish product information to help users better understand how the product works, for example. There are websites that share information from third parties, but also add their own information to the content of the software company’s content.

Unfortunately, there are enough unscrupulous people who spread false information on the Internet. The purpose of these individuals is to mislead readers with their own added information from real online reviews by third parties. The gambling industry is no exception. Make sure you avoid the casino listings where misleading information is provided.

Can you trust online casino reviews?

Almost every Australian online casino has a program where partners can sign up, set up a marketing plan, and promote the casino. The persons who register have their own websites (such as Pokiesportal.com) which they use to talk about online casinos with which they have collaborations. It is customary to recommend the online casino to the visitors.

You can expect many rating sites to remain neutral in the recommendations they make, however, there are a number of website administrators among them who make different recommendations. Instead of judging online casinos by important criteria, they make deals with the recommended casinos that will give them more money or extra money in a registration / deposit.

This is not only applied in the online casino industry. Every virtual market online depends on these kinds of marketing strategies. While it is unfair to the visitor to come up with false information or recommend casinos based on deals they have made, this is perfectly legal. By making it illegal, it would make almost any market, online or offline, illegal.

Imagine a new point of sale being set up near you. Then they promote one more product, so that this product is sold more often. Every month, high discounts are offered for relatively recently launched clothing lines. These are just common practical ways to control advertising.

To answer the question of what to do to avoid fake reviews: Do more research, dig deeper and try to verify if what you read is true by checking other sources. See if there’s enough valuable information on offer and you don’t just see ads that refer you directly to third party websites.

There are fake and negative Aussie casino reviews

You should watch out for fake reviews written by competing companies. This happens to a large extent because the people behind the fake casino reviews are able to remain anonymous. You can try to get their IP, but this can be a lengthy process before you finally find out their real IP address.

Once you see a review of one online, you’d like to continue reading to see what other popular forums or rating sites have to say about this online casino. You can conclude from a casino review whether the offered casino is really bad in nature. But even then, it’s impossible to say because one person can easily go through a list of forums, and then post his or her negative reviews.

There are casinos that pay people to do this. The best strategy to be able to say with certainty that a review is true is to check who is posting these reviews. If the review comes from a new member who hasn’t posted a review before, the review may be fake, and you should ignore them. Make sure you look for what respected members have to say on various forums.

In our case, we are careful enough to place an online casino. We don’t give online casinos a better place based on the commission they offer us. Our website is not built around one casino affiliate program.

Instead, these commissions are just an additional source of income for us. We offer our independent opinion to visitors. This way you can be sure you’re playing at reliable online casinos – and your money and data are always safe.

We recommend that you choose rating sites that don’t just tell their visitors about their casino bonuses, winnings or payout limits. We’ve done research on operators and a thorough background check. It is important to know who the people behind the company are. We avoid online casinos that mislead their customers with their chances of winning.

Common misleading casino reviews in Australia published on the internet

One of the most common complaints we receive from irritated players is that the casino refuses to pay out profits. This happens when a player wins money, but casinos do not transfer money to their bank account. It may happen that even if the player has followed all the rules and regulations properly, they still can’t access their winnings.

This is often the case when a player has ended up in an unlicensed online casino. However, it may happen that players fail to play according to the rules and conditions they agreed to when registering an account.

The bonus terms are one of the reasons that casinos refuse to pay out the player’s winnings. That’s because the casino bonuses come with conditions. As an example, a player can claim a £100 bonus if they register. The online casino requires the bonus to be played 30 times. Therefore, the player must have wagered a total of €3,000 to qualify to transfer winnings to their own bank.

Let’s assume that a player has wagered a total of €2000, and then wins an amount of €5000 before they bet extra money. If the player now decides to apply for a payout, the online casino refuses to do so because there are still €1000 of the casino bonus to be unlocked. These types of players feel disadvantaged and choose to post negative reviews on different platforms.

The player’s rating may seem legitimate, but the casino has not done anything wrong in this case. The negative casino reviews are due to the fact that a player has accepted the rules in the terms and conditions of the casino when creating an account or making a deposit.

As you can see, it only takes one player to get numerous bad ratings published. Therefore, it is important that you dig deeper and get a better picture. This is the only way to make a well-considered choice.

The best strategy for analyzing Ozzie online casinos

The first step you need to take to find a reliable online casino is whether they are registered or not. Check their registration details and try to verify if this proves their legitimacy.

Check casino reviews of old members on gambling platforms and forums to see if there are any negative complaints. Take reviews from new members with a pinch of salt, especially if they’re negative reviews, and it’s the only post they’ve ever posted.

Don’t base your choice on a single review website. Find all the information for online casinos that you can find before you start playing. Check out a casino forum, rating site or other relevant sources.


In general, the best way to check the credibility of each source is to consider their motive for publishing this content. This will help you find out if they are indeed honest. One of the rules of thumb is: if someone has something to lose or win, treat it with suspicion.

Although it sounds pessimistic, it reduces the chance of being cheated. It’s always advisable to be cautious in your choice and do good research before you just register at an online casino – if you’re planning to play anyway!